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Base in Memphis and you’ll enjoy all the amenities of a big city, yet still be minutes away from Tennessee farmland, the flatlands of Arkansas and the Delta of Mississippi. Uniquely situated on the border of three states, Memphis – the largest city in Tennessee – is joined to Arkansas by The Hernando de Soto Bridge and The Harahan Bridge. A five minute freeway drive connects Memphis to its Mississippi suburbs. And in rural land minutes from Memphis, you can find cotton fields and soybean crops just waiting to be photographed. Within 45 minutes’ drive of Memphis, you’ll also discover a half dozen different period town squares built around county courthouses from another era; a 14,000 acre forest – Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. Just over the border in Arkansas, there’s even a swampy wildlife preserve, complete with lilypads and turtles.

Looking for hills? You’ll see gently rolling landscape, both north and south of Memphis. And innumerable communities and miniature towns in every direction. Plus the largest number of casinos in the South – in nearby Tunica, Mississippi.

Shoot in downtown Memphis and you’ll choose from areas that have posed as Chicago, East St. Louis, and Columbus, Ohio. Or shoot Memphis as Memphis: downtown’s skyline crowns a bluff overlooking The Mississippi River. The ancient cobblestone riverfront’s still in place…and an entire block of nineteenth century mansions has been preserved – Victorian Village. There’s even a Pyramid, built in the 1990s. And an island – Mud Island, that is. And just five minutes’ walk from The Mississippi, Beale Street beckons. There, blues wail day and night.  Downtown is also antebellum homes, a period courthouse, converted warehouses, an early 20th century train station. And picturesque neighborhoods reminiscent of Charleston … New Orleans… Cape Cod. Click Here to take a look.