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Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager Michael Hausman:
“It’s a great place to work….I haven’t met but one unfriendly face since I’ve been here. I did meet one, in an alley, but I scared him away.” (On-Location: Memphis – “The Firm”, 1993; “A Family Thing”, 1995; “The People vs. Larry Flynt“, 1996; “American Saint“, 1999.)

Director Milos Forman:
“I love Memphis very much!” (On-Location: Memphis –“The People vs. Larry Flynt“, 1996).

Director Sydney Pollack:
“I’ve never been in a city like Memphis where they make it so easy for you and where your needs are anticipated. I’ve never felt so welcome. People knock themselves out for you.” (On-Location: Memphis –“The Firm”, 1993).

Director Joel Schumacher:
” Memphis doesn’t look like other towns….It’s great!” (On-Location: Memphis – “The Client“, 1993).

Location Manager Michael Dellheim:
“We had no union problems. The Police Department here was the finest I’ve worked with– ever. We had support of the government and the film commission and that sense of being embraced by so many different elements of the town.” (On-Location: Memphis –“The Firm”, 1993).