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Since its creation in 1985, The Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission has worked in partnership with The Office of The Mayor of Memphis, The Office of The Mayor of Shelby County, and The Tennessee Film & Music Commission (Office of the Governor) to become one of the most successful commissions in The South.   In this time, The Commission has recruited and/or assisted in the shooting of not only commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, magazine covers/ layouts, and CD covers, but also many major productions.  Following are some of The Commission’s feature film and television clients:1985 “On the Road” TV Pilot (Warner Brothers/CBS-TV)
1988 “The Contemporary Gladiator” Feature (Contemporary Gladiators/Independent)
1988 “Heart of Dixie” (2nd Unit) Feature (Heartbreak Prods./Orion)
1988 “Leningrad Cowboys Go America” Feature (Villealfa Prods./Independent)
1988 “Mystery Train” Feature (Jim Jarmusch Prods./Independent)
1988-89 “Great Balls of Fire!” Feature (Orion)
1989-90 “Elvis:Good Rockin’ Tonight” TV Pilot & Series (New World Television/ABC-TV)
1990 “Blind Vengeance” TV Movie (Spanish Trail Prods./USA Cable)
1990 “Memphis” TV Movie (Propaganda Films/TNT)
1990 “Silence of the Lambs” (2nd Unit) Feature (Orion)
1991 “Trespass” Feature (Universal Pictures)
1991 “Taking Back My Life:The Story of Nancy Ziegenmeyer” (TV Movie/Elliot Friedgen-CBS-TV)
1992-93 “The Firm” Feature (Paramount Pictures)
1993 “The Client” Feature (Warner Brothers)
1994 “Without Air” Feature (Winghead Films/Independent)
1994 “Separated by Murder” TV Movie (CBS-TV)
1995 “A Family Thing” Feature (MGM-United Artists)
1995 “The Delta” Feature (Charlie Guidance Prods./Independent)
1996 “The People Vs. Larry Flynt” Feature (Columbia Pictures/Code Pink)
1997 “The Rainmaker” Feature (Paramount Pictures)
1997 “The Road to Graceland” Feature (Largo Entertainment/Independent)
1997 “Why I Live at the P.O.” Film Short (Eudora Prods.)
1998 “Breakfast with Arty” Film Short (Metamorphosis Prods.)
1998 “Cookie’s Fortune” Feature *(Sandcastle 5 Prods./Independent) *Based in Holly Springs, MS
1998 “Woman’s Story” – Feature (Muddy River Productions/Independent)
1999 “The Big Muddy” – Feature (Fine Grind Films/Independent)
1999 “Intersections” – Feature (Workingman Productions/Independent)
1999 “The Poor and Hungry” – Feature (BR2 Productions/Independent)
1999 “Breakin’ It Down” – Feature (Red Ceiling Pictures/Independent)
1999 “Cabbin’ It” – Feature (Cinehaus, Inc./Independent)
1999 “Central Garden” – Film Short (Fine Grind Films)
2000 “Cast Away” – Feature (Dreamworks)
2000 “Death Row” – TV Movie (Teamworx Productions)
2001 “Going to California” – TV Series (San Vincente Productions/ShowTime)
2001 “The Angel Doll” – TV Movie (Angel Doll Productions)
2001 “Death Row “ – TV Movie (Teamworx Productions)
2001 “Cast Away” – Feature (Dreamworks)
2001 “American Saint” aka “Cabbin’ It” – Feature (Cinehaus, Inc./Independent
2002 “A Painted House” – TV Movie (McGee Street Productions, Inc./Hallmark Entertainment)
2002-2003 “21 Grams” (Focus Features)
2004 “40 Shades of Blue” – Feature (Forty Shades of Blue, LLC/Independent)
2004 “Streaker” – Feature (Creative Forces/Independent)
2004 “Walk the Line” – Feature (Fox 2000)
2004 “Hustle & Flow” – Feature (New Deal Entertainment/Homegrown Films/Independent))
2004 “Send In The Clown” – Feature (Sharp Entertainment/Independent)

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